Elven Fighter/Magic-user. Born in Dreadwood. Younger brother to Barambaril Quickthorn. Both of them studied under the tutelage of the Human mage Lishgar in Niole Dra, after which Bracken alone headed north to seek the fabled Elves of the Phostwood.

Bracken is not deeply spiritual, but pays his respects to Solonor Thelandira, the Elven God of Archery and Hunting. He also owes an immense debt of gratitude to Vishnu, and honours him accordingly.


Bracken's surly demeanour occasionally hides his good nature and sense of fair play. He is suspicious of outsiders but his trust can be gained through loyalty, which he values even above competence. He is cautious and contemplative, although he sometimes mistakes impetuousness for decisiveness. In battle though he is brave to the point of being foolhardy.

Untimely death, and returnEdit

Bracken was instantly killed and turned to stone when he tried to cross the magical border wall in the River Yol south of Albarg. His friends rushed him to Nevond Nevnend, and to the temple of Vishnu, where he was raised.