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Campaign notes for the CODI AD&D campaign, which takes place in and around the city of Albarg. Much of the campaign is focussed on the threat to the Duchy of Tenh from the expansionist policies of the Theocracy of the Pale.

Campaign overviewEdit

By various means the heroes ended up in the frontier town of Albarg, in the north-eastern part of the Duchy of Tenh (not to be confused with Ardbeg, though we still do). Finding gainful employment, they decided to stay, and in due course found favour in the eyes of the Duke, leading them to be entrusted with governance of the town.

This is not a job for the faint-hearted. Albarg is bordered on one side by the Troll Fens, which are known for their marauding monsters. On the other is the River Yol, with its huge magical border wall, which forms the border between the Duchy and the Theocracy of the Pale .

So if vigilance for danger from the Troll Fens is not enough, the heroes are constantly having to deal with border disputes and more serious threats from the Duchy's aggressive neighbour.

Following the thwarting of one such threat, and the rapid successful development of the town, Albarg has recently been granted its city charter by the Duke.

Latest activityEdit

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