Sadly deceased, eaten by a door in the Theocracy military installation near to Paltrave.

Grimalkin Gascoigne III (a.k.a. Gazza) was a Gentleman Adventurer, with a crow familiar called Crow.

His race, Half-orc, was never spoken of in his presence.


Co-incidentally, it was about this time that the rumours of The Crow of Albarg started to occur. Lone wayfarers, starting off on long journeys, would often report their first mile away from the city shadowed by a bird. It was remarked on because of both the reliability of the appearance, and the seeming self-imposed limit to the chaperone. Adventuring groups, and especially those with magicians or less reputable types, would often be followed further, with some claiming that the creature provided lookout, and warning to groups it had attached itself to.

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